Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Own your squat

One of the most powerful moves you can put your body through is the squat. Squats doesn't have to mean getting a 45lb. bar on your back with matching plates on each side of the bar. You can do a simple "air squat"or body squat anywhere there is 10 square feet of room. Here are the basic constants or checkpoints when performing a squat. Before you begin, relax to focus and enjoy the exercise!

1. Feet at shoulder width apart with toes flared outwards by one inch
2. Look straight ahead, find a focal point
3. Go to the decline position with a small arch in your lower back
4. Keep your knees just behind your toes as you decline
5. Get your quads and hamstrings parallel with the floor
6. Hold the squat for one second and drive your body upward with your heels
7. Avoid locking your knees out when you arrive upward
8. BUTT OUT, BODY UP! (Stick your butt out and keep your body erect during the squat)

--Toes flared one inch outward helps open up the hip girdle for more flexibility and strength--

Own your very own squat and do them anywhere.

A helpful website I recommend is www.twohundredsquats.com

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