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Friday, February 11, 2011

Pec Deck

Casey pumpin em out
52 cards in a playing deck will do your body right.  A deck of cards has 13 different cards and repeats itself 4 times. If you were to convert the cards into push up numbers - this equals 364 push ups.

Start out with a deck of cards and flip one over for your partner.  If a 8 of clubs is shown, your partner needs to do 8 quality push ups. Quality form is king to the deck. Your partner then draws a card for you and away you go. Jack is 11, the Queen is 12 and the King of the deck is 13.  This is a fun way to do push ups and will humble you at the same time.  You might get drawn a 2, 3, and maybe a 5, and you are thinking you have the deck under control...the Jack, Queen, and King are waiting for you and will show up to get you.

12 for the Queen
Encourage your partner along, and emphasize quality form on each set.  At left above, athletic Casey is showing great form and takes ownership to his push-ups.  He also varies his hand placement, uses his fists, and he will include one leg push-ups into his regime.

Get creative with the cards and single out a wild card to the drill - for example whenever you draw a 9 this could mean one leg push-ups, or a round of push-downs which is slowing down your pace on the way down to 4 seconds followed by a one second push up. Creativity will stimulate the senses and add some fun.

Get a deck and pump em out.  Respect the deck.


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