Monday, November 29, 2010

One leg victory

The one leg squat demands balance, strength, focus, and most of all;  patience. A bench, step, or any solid fixture that is the right height for your body is what you need to get started.  If you do this exercise the right way for your body type, the rewards are guaranteed to follow; great rewards.


-Your back foot on the fixture should be a shade lower than your front knee
-Be strong and pronounced upright with your body
-Lower your body slowly (3 sec count) until your front leg is parallel with the ground
-Drive up with your front leg and focus on driving up with your front heel
-Eliminate locking your front knee as you drive up 
-Get 8 reps in with your just your body weight - no added weights to start out
-Switch legs and repeat

The winning formula is right here in the one leg squat.  You may struggle to find balance but this is how you find balance - by struggling.  



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