Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ball of Medicine

The english term Medicine ball, a "stuffed leather ball for exercise" was first added to the dictionary in 1895. They gained popularity and traction with Doctors in the 1920's as they were prescribed to patients that wanted to improve their level of fitness.

Prescribing medicine in the shape of a ball? Get me a script.

Medicine balls are now in different shapes, colors, and are used in a variety of ways to improve our fitness. I use the 4 lb. ball to dribble it as I would with a basketball (as it does bounce) and have a variety of sport movements to go with it.

Locate a cement wall you can throw these against with as much force as you choose. The ball was built to take a beating. Get slammin with it.
I teach a great strengthening exercise for baseball players and football quarterbacks with the 4 lb. ball. I have increased my arm strength significantly with this exercise alone. Eye-hand coordination will also show improvement.

Stand back 4 feet from the wall and lightly take your arm back to a loaded throwing position and toss it against the wall, catching it in the same motion and relatively easy to do. Go for 8-10 throws and come to a rest.

Be clean and confident in your throws. Form is what you are looking for. Do it with rhythm and balance. Emulate how you would throw the ball as you would in playing baseball or football. F O R M wins out.

Get medicated with the ball and take it with 10 glasses of water a day.


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