Sunday, November 7, 2010

Teach it early

The most profound course I took in college was, "family communication". My Professor loved teaching this course and it showed within a few minutes of the first class. Professor Bowker taught this course with mastery and devotion and set out to reach the 25 or so students in our classroom twice a week one fall term at the University of Oregon.

I didn't really know what to expect from this course..I didn't even know this kind of course existed. What I came to learn more than anything is that this course sho
uld be taught at every level of education. It should be treated as a discipline in the same manner as mathematics, science, art, music, computer science, social studies, and other required core courses in our education system.

This course helped me appreciate, love, understand, and to have a open mind about who we are in life and how we can positively effect others in family..and not just our nuclear family either. Family has many definitions and members may come from all directions which Professor Bowker so eloquently spoke about. She owned this course and gave it life.

Teach it early, and teach it all the way through higher education.


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