Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bump and Run

This is a drill I use to cross train as it emulates what a defensive back and wide receiver experience over 50 times during a game. You will be tested on your balance, footwork, and physicality during this drill. This is a great cross training exercise for all athletes as it involves contact, finesse, and will upload your competitive juices.  Warm up properly before hand as you would with any exercise.

-Mark off 30 yards of space on a decent playing surface.
-Line up facing your partner 2 yards away in a ready position (as a DB)
-At the sound of "GO" you will become locked up with your partner for 5 seconds
-Use your hands and legs for power and stay in contact for 5 seconds - grind away!
-Count to five out loud together and release each other on "5"
-Your partner will now take off for the finish line
-Stay with your partner, ride his hip and do some light body bumping along the way
-Complete the run with your partner and walk back to the starting point

Physical Bumpin
You now have completed one full rep. Switch sides for the second rep and you are now on offense. Do it again. Lock horns for 5 seconds; be physical without inflicting pain and release after you both count to 5.

This drill will give you a small appreciation of what a DB goes through when being asked to cover a receiver for 60 minutes on the turf.

8 repetitions will create a warm lather of sweat on the body. Working together with your partner makes this drill fun and physical at the same time. Expect some soreness, a body bruise, maybe even a small cut. Some physical bumpin does the body good.

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  1. Phew, I'm tired just reading about it! ;-) Awesome post, DB. As usual, straight ahead, succinct, informative and fun to read. I like it! LK