Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dig your Dog

This dog I dig..
Dog owners are sure to smile several times a day while engaging with their dog. A wagging tail would alone in itself, aid the health of a dog owner. Dogs are like a working clock -- always there for you which you can bank on every time. The more you give your dog; the more you get back. With this in mind, I would wager to say having a dog lowers your blood pressure and stress without going out on a limb here..

I do not own a dog but I do know this; When I greet a dog for the very first time and bend down to give my warm exchange, this instantly makes me smile and feel good inside as the "doggie voice" comes out of me while I am petting away. This takes place about twice a week on average with myself. Dog owners get this feeling multiple times every day.

Let's toss in the loyalty factor here. Dogs teach people about love, loyalty, and true companionship. It is a dog's duty to do this and no other creature does it better than your dog.

Dig on your dog. Your dog will dig you back.


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