Saturday, November 20, 2010

Toss the Nerf

Reyn Guyer
Reyn Guyer.  The man who invented the Nerf Ball.  He first introduced a indoor volleyball game to Parker Brothers that included the soft, safe spongy ball in 1969.   The ball was the only thing that stayed on as an idea and the Nerf was found in households across the nation the very next year.

I give recognition to Reyn Guyer and the ball that created hours of sweat to my friends and family.  We threw it, dunked it, got hit by it, doused it in water, and routinely tagged my mom on her butt with it as she walked by.  

Nerf Sky Hook
The Nerf showed it's true 70's colors by always being in throwing range of someone inside the house.  Everyone in the family got plunked by the Nerf, including the dog.  The modified games of Nerf inside the home made for sweaty bodies and athletic shoes that attained that locker room smell. My brother used to make me put my shoes out in the garage every night and the Nerf was a major contributor behind this.

Nerf actually stands for; Non-Expanding Recreational Foam. Nerf, as we all know, expanded the product line which included my favorite, the Turbo Nerf Football.  This spiral-laden piece of sponge was made for jocks who can put some whistle behind it.  I use it to this day and love seeing and hearing it soar through the air to someone receiving it on the other end.  Catching the Turbo Nerf with one hand is pure joy in itself.  

Go outside and fizz one around.


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