Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Green means GO

Interval training for the heart. Your heart not only can handle this type of training - it is begging you for it. Interval training strengthens your heart, replenishes its supply of oxygen, and increases your metabolism for 24 hours after your training. Anyone can do interval training from the daily walker to the elite professional athlete. "Heart smart" applies here. Think of your heart as if it was extending you a ongoing open invitation to challenge it.

Muscle memory not only relates to skeletal muscle but to your heart muscles as well.Muscles in the lining of your heart are cardiac muscles. In fact, most of your heart is made up of cardiac muscle. These strong, heart wall lining muscles have memory just like your skeletal muscles and it will remember what kind of training you put it through. The heart offers multiple rewards if you feed it with a smart diet and train it.

Simply put, the heart is the only fatigue resistant muscle in your body. Your skeletal muscles will experience fatigue during exercise but your heart keeps going. It does not rest. Ever heard a marathoner say his heart was sore and tired after a race? Don't think so.
Intelligently accelerate your heart rate with exercise. Pick up the pace for 60-90 seconds and bring it back down again. You will improve your lung capacity, build stamina during these short bursts and your cardiac muscles will be stimulated for growth.

Green means GO


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