Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Add a layer

Bone mass.  Bone density.  Bone health.  We have all heard this one time or another.  You can build your bone mass through weight bearing exercises, a nutrient rich diet that includes dairy products, unsaturated fats, vegetables, fish, and exposure to sunlight. 

When your body is put through positive duress by exercising, your bone cells are called upon to form new bone growth or what is known as osteoblasts.  Old bone must be replaced by new bone all the time. Your bones are in constant recruitment of new bone formation.

New bone being formed
At left is a close up of what osteoblasts look like on actual human bone. I like to think of building new bone formation and recruiting new muscle fibers are one in the same - building and recruiting new growth calls for strong healthy bodies.

Skipping rope is a great way to provide maximum protection against osteoporosis and stimulate new bone growth.

206 bones make up your entire body.  Get after it and osteoblast for a healthier, stronger set of bones.


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