Tuesday, May 31, 2011

North - South

Quick, quiet, and spry.  Wiley S. demonstrates the "North-South" drill in textbook style.. with great feet and balance.  Set up 8 cones on a football field at 1 yard apart as shown in the video.
After warming up properly, concentrate on moving through the cones low to the ground and finding the perfect balance for your body.  Start out by walking through the exercise and staying low while looking forward in a relaxed position.  Anticipate each cone a step before you get there - and stay light on the balls of your feet.   

I got this.
This drill is what a defensive back in football excels at.  In my opinion, the "DB" is one of the best athletes in all of sports.  They are built for speed, stamina, and are tested by their opposition over 70 times a game. 

Mix up your drills with cones on turf - an excellent cross training exercise and it will keep you humble.   

Do work on turf.  DB

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