Monday, May 23, 2011

Cruise control

Stamina, strength, confidence, powerful - all very sound and authoritative phrases.  I have met and surrounded myself around many people the last 20 years who own these type of qualities.

There is a shared principle between each and every one of these people;  Excellent health.  They treat their bodies with absolute respect when it comes to exercise, diet, hydration, and proper rest.  It seems this is a recipe for a perfect balance to their lives.
Stealthy, healthy, and determined

Lisa C. (at right) follows this simple recipe as well.  She is physically fit, attractive, full of positive energy, and exudes confidence in just her body language alone.
Lisa is in full control. 

Build your confidence through the simplicity of exercise and taking care of your health.  Give due respect to your body as great things lie ahead.


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