Tuesday, May 24, 2011

P. E.

Physical Education - the human body and how we can educate ourselves of perfection in body, mind, and spirit.

I won't waste time talking about obesity rates, video game blamers, bad food choices, or laziness.  I could bust out 50 push-ups in that amount of time.  P.E. on the other hand - let's talk about it and more importantly let's go do it.

The chosen one..

Required.  Mandatory.  Core Curriculum.  That is how P.E. was looked at in the 70's growing up.  I took two P.E. classes a term for the enjoyment, the social interaction, and 
how it felt to hit a backhand or make a jump shot.  I got educated at the physical level which served as my base for other disciplines and most importantly - still is.  I led the league in P.E. classes and locker use.

Hoops 1-2pm
Go lace em up and get active.  If you begin to tell me what kind of workouts you got 15 years ago - I might start stretching or drop down for a few push ups.  Put yourself in motion. Today is the best day to begin.


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