Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bottle of Heat

Add Tabasco for full power
Tabasco sauce has been a staple in my diet for the past decade and mostly due to the flavor and kick it provides to eggs at breakfast, garden salads, and on a fresh chicken bowl from the fine folks at Chipotle.

Power hitters
The health benefits of hot sauces like Tabasco are not to be ignored as they have anti-inflammatory effects, can help improve heart health, and can modestly boost your metabolism.  There is much to learn about the power of spices and the flavor it adds to your plate.

Not yet..1 more year
Tabasco, a family tradition was created in the 1860's by Edmund McIlhenny - a avid food lover and gardener.  He created Tabasco sauce from his home grown and reddest peppers, local Louisiana salt, and French white vinegar.

It takes 3 years for Tabasco to completely age and cure in white oak barrels before you find it shelved at your local grocer.  Sprinkle some heat on.   DB

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