Tuesday, July 5, 2011

America's Neighbor

Fred Rogers.  A true gentlemen and visionary of his time. The more I read about the man, the more respect I have for him.  His devotion and passion in reaching and educating children through the tv airwaves was as sound a business model as any today.

Admittedly, I  chuckled about his cardigan sweater and navy deck shoes he would put on at the start of every show..but his drive and devotion to produce a quality and well respected childrens program was, and is legendary.  Mr. Roger's Neighborhood ran for 895 episodes which spanned over 22 years - reaching millions of households on PBS.  He taught respect, manners, kindness, sharing, giving, and how to gain friends - nice Fred, very nice.
Fred's Network

America's neighbor received the Presidential Medal of Freedom - the U.S. highest civilian honor awarded among many other notable achievements during his celebrated career.  


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