Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Forefoot strike

When jumping rope for exercise - stay light on your feet by make contact with the surface of the forefoot area of your feet.  By landing on your forefoot you will find balance, rhythm, and strike with less impact.

If you struggle and find the rope hitting your feet, I suggest cutting the rope exactly in half and then begin jumping to the sound of the rope clicking on the surface.  Once you find the rhythm (and you will if you stay with it) jumping rope becomes much easier and enjoyable.  Mix in some music and it can become part of your exercise plan each week.

Choose a aerobic or basketball floor that offer a wood surface.  These floors are designed for sports that require you to leave your feet and have "give" to them.

A jump rope will generally be 1" inch in diameter.  Your feet can be less than an inch off the ground to allow the rope to touch the surface, get under your feet and come around for another repetition.  

Jumping rope will test your patience but there is a threshold waiting for you if you commit to the rope - the reward awaits and it is amazing.

Get light on the feet and keep em quiet.


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