Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dead Red

One time. One shot. One pitch.  One is what I refer to as "dead red"  My good buddy Chopper routinely would tell me to take the bat off my shoulder and swing it!  You can't get on board if you watch pitches go by - was his way of thinking.

Chipper gettin good barrel
Dead red offers a chance to us as individuals to improve our well being.  Whether it is business, sports, theater, social, or within your family..dead red will be there waiting.  It may happen on occasion or quite regularly.  The message here is to understand dead red and take a shot at something that might be out of your comfort zone to better yourself.

Chipper Jones of the Atlanta Braves has a dead red every time he steps to the plate. He looks and waits for the pitch in his zone that he can drive or get good barrel on.  Jones experiences dead red over 600 times every season.  His thinking is, if it's dead red..I'm on it and I'm swinging.

My number is 555-3539
Wanna get the phone number of the cute girl at the coffee shop?  Do it.  Should you ask for a raise if you have earned it?  Yes.  Will I ever get a shot at playing 1st base?  Talk to your coach.  Will my professor act as my mentor on my project? Present it and ask.  I wonder if I should start exercising?  Absolutely.

Dead red.  Call it what you want and use it as motivation for a better you. 


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  1. DB is a master motivator. Trainer, Coach and 'idea man'. Love these articles - I'm ready to get to the gym right now. Carry on folks and feel lucky to have such a quality role model.