Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lather up

The glove, mitt, or sometimes referred to as the "leather".  From past experiences and great results - I learned a great way to break in your new ball glove.  The key ingredient is shaving cream.

Men's grooming 101 tells us that the formulation of shaving cream consists of water, soap, and glycerin.  Glycerin helps retain moisture to the surface and is known for it's water binding abilities.  Your glove will absorb shaving cream in a similar manner to that of a man's beard.

That was your daughter?
Lightly spray down your glove with tap water in the kitchen sink for 30 seconds.  Dispense a baseball size of shaving cream into your hand and begin to rub the glove all over- fingers, thumb, palm, and webbing.  You can wear the glove while doing this and spread the shaving cream with your free hand.

After a 5 minute rub down, wrap the glove with string or ace bandage and a baseball inside the glove overnight.  You can add another dose of shaving cream to mold the glove further and to your liking.
Play catch the next day. It's ready.  DB


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