Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quarter Hops

A great exercise for explosive power and balance.  Start off by assuming a strong squat position. Look straight ahead, lean slightly down into your squat, and in one movement explode with your arms and hips going upward and landing to the right a "quarter hop". Think of a directional compass and you have just landed on the east position. Get set for the next hop as you will explode and land in the south position..then west and back to north.

Two things to concentrate on and take ownership;
1. Explosion
2. Landing quiet

Do a set of four around the compass and rest. Do it again as you feel more comfortable with it. Work up to 3-4 sets at a time. You can reverse the direction (go left) the next time. Form is what you look for..every time.

Land softly in a squat position and absord the impact. Anticipate landing soft and feeling the ground catch you. Try and land on your midfoot to the balls of your feet.

Once you master the four directional hops you can move on to "half hops" which will be jumping from north to south in one move. This will require more explosion and demand more balance.


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  1. Quarter hops with DB are my favorite. Easy at first, then the slow burn sets in and takes hold of the quads!